Cross-Age Cross-Curriculum Projects
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How do living things affect each other?
Students in grades 2, 7, 9, and 10 formed teams to discover how living things interact to provide each other with the biotic factors and abiotic factors necessary for life in their collaborative project: Living Interactions.

This project helped students understand the ways that living things interact with each other and their environment. The project was multi-faceted and required collaboration within and between grades to promote student interest and achievement.

Students  investigated the roles that organisms play in the food chain. They researched a local ecosystem to identify its members. They created a food web using inspiration software and included pictures taken during field trips. Predictions were made if a member of the ecosystem was removed or a new species was introduced. 

Butterfly Garden RSS

For this trip, students from Pinellas Park High School traveled to Pinellas Park Elementary School to actually construct a butterfly garden. Elementary and High School students collaborated to apply what they’ve learned (with help from Fitzgerald Middle!) as they build a garden to attract butterflies.