Cross-Age Cross-Curriculum Projects
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Where did you go H2O?
High School students visited Middle School students one day and Elementary School students another day to teach them the different parts of the KOE water cycle.  They labeled a map displaying the nature water flow.  The High School students also showed a power point on the Everglades. The KOE Power Point Presentation was made by one of the "EMTís" (Everglades Mentor-Teachers). This is a nickname for the High School  students.

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Where did you go H2O?

Fourth grade students from the elementary school designed water conservation posters.  The middle school students created a rubric for students to follow as they made their posters. The posters, along with the rubric, were passed to the high school for final judging. The top three posters were announced on morning announcements at the elementary school. The winning poster was presented to the Pinellas Park City Council with a proposal that they be inserted into the monthly water bill to create public awareness. The City Council approved the proposal and the winning poster was enclosed in the June water bill that will go out to 25,000 Pinellas Park residents.