Cross-Age Cross-Curriculum Projects
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The K12 Online Conference starts with the Pre-Conference on October 13. Each of the presenters are posting their presentations as podcasts 20 minutes or less. I am presenting the findings as an audio podcast and PowerPoint presentation. The teachers and students did all the work. Pat Lusher and Cecelia Nauda are coordinating the EETT grant and provided data, documents, and other information included in the powerpoint or as separate files below. Nancy Kuznicki and Donna Blanton shared podcasts about the projects. This presentation is on Thursday, October 23 (Day 4).

Throwing Away the Box (audio) RSSPodcast:

Cross-Age Cross-Curriculum Projects
 (summary of grant and projects).  PowerPoint Presentation "Throwing the Box Away"

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Nancy Kuznicki, lead teacher at Pinellas Park Elementary RSSPodcast:

Donna Blanton, 3rd grade teacher at Pinellas Park Elementary  RSSPodcast:

Please go to the conference and participate in all of the presentations. At the bottom of each presentation is a VoiceThread with 3 essential questions. We encourage you to share your ideas. Our VoiceThread is at the bottom of

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