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Students are required to participate in labs in order to successfully complete this course.  Safety in the lab is of the utmost importance.  This form was distributed to students the first week of school.  Students are required to read, sign, obtain parent signature, and return form to me prior to being permitted to perform labs.  In addition, each student must pass a written lab safety exam with a score of 90% or better prior to working in lab.


Biology Lab Safety Agreement

Chemistry Lab Safety Agreement


Egg Osmosis Lab (10/28/16)


Meiosis (Fruit Fly) Lab (12/2/16)


Inherited Traits Alternative Lab   1/22/15  

Complete the Data Table in Your Lab book. Use the instructions to identify your traits.


Spongebob Punnett square Lab  1/28/15


Evidence of Evolution Lab   2/9/15

Print out page 2, color & attach to lab book

Complete table on page 1

Complete all questions (#1-13)


Darwin’s Finches Alternative Lab  2/12/15   (Only periods 3 & 6 completed this lab). If you are in period 2 & 4, you do not have to complete this. 


Anole Lizard Alternative Lab   2/23 & 2/24/15