My Portfolio - Dr. Helen Barrett
Electronic Portfolios & Digital Storytelling for Lifelong & Lifewide Learning


Here is an overview of the contents of my portfolio. You can read a brief biography, see a list of the artifacts that I have identified as my best work, and hear my reflections about creating this portfolio and my future goals. If you want to see all of the artifacts in my portfolio, select Portfolio-at-a-glance.
There are many versions of my portfolio online, where the reader can follow the links to the artifacts online.

Every portfolio has a purpose. My purpose for developing this portfolio is to show my skills in developing an electronic portfolio using any number of tools. After reviewing all of my artifacts (see my Portfolio at a Glance) I found five general categories of competencies:
  • Electronic Portfolios
  • Digital Storytelling
  • Technology
  • Teaching & Instructional Design
  • Writing and Assessment (Publications)

By Janice Friesen      June 15, 2007 -- 11:05 AM

Thanks for trying this out. It is very interesting to see. I agree with what you say about hyperlinks. I know I get used to something like that and expect all tools to do it.

I have been learning from you for many years (from a distance). Electronic portfolios make so much sense, but with the lack of technology skills and equipment in most classrooms it is not a practical solution yet.

I have known Barbara through the techstaffdevelop list for many years. In this last year I have been between jobs (moved from Missouri, working with eMINTS to Texas) and so it has been wonderful to collaborate with Barbara. I really like this tool, but I think that the ongoing coaching vision that Barbara has had for a long time is hard to picture.