My Portfolio - Dr. Helen Barrett
Electronic Portfolios & Digital Storytelling for Lifelong & Lifewide Learning

Reflection on the Process

This is the 27th tool that I have used to create my electronic portfolio. Since I copied the pages from an earlier online version, I was able to reconstruct my portfolio in less than an two hours, copying and pasting the information, although the fine tuning the formatting took more time. As with all of my other portfolios, all of my artifacts are documents already stored on one of my websites.

My eCoach offers collaboration, communication, curriculum, and coaching tools. This portfolio was created using the Universal [Web Page] Builder. I set the setting so that every page in this portfolio will allow comments, which provides the opportunity for interactivity.

My general impression is that this tool is relatively easy to use, although it took me a few tries to select the right template. It created an attractive layout. I did not try to upload any documents, because Iím not sure how much storage space is allowed. I was asked to try out the tool by the founder of the company.

This is a flexible tool that allows for cloning, for others to leave comments, and coaching support from an eCoach. Users can create multiple tabs as categories with multiple pages under each category. Each page has a text editor that allows users to add text, images, videos, audio files, podcasts, documents, presentations, and most types of files.

The founder of the company gave me this information:
  • Cost is $35/lifetime membership. Individuals can create their own ePortfolio. Teams are optional for setup by eCoaches for an additional fee ($200) so they can provide coaching support and collaboration among the team members. There are many other tools available as part of the membership that include:
  • standards alignment tool (national, state, and local content, professional, and technology standards)
  • easy to use text editor
  • blogs (personal, shared, team, and public)
  • RSS Feeds
  • embedding HTML code
  • chat (team and community)
  • forum (team and community)
  • calendar (personal, shared, team, and community)
  • surveys (team and public with export ability and allows disaggregating data)
  • quizzes (team and public)
  • internal message center (with email notification)
  • eLibrary (community and public with over 15,000 resources and projects)
  • digital locker
  • updated tips, showcasing features, spotlighting resources on home (I get help from Sara Armstrong, Janice Friesen, and many others who want to provide resources for members)
  • for an additional $15 get your own domain name (one time fee)