Curtain Call
How Does Theatre Effect Our Lives?
Meet the Author


Sunset Elementary

English/Language Arts
Fine Arts
Performing Arts
My Philosophy
I don't really have a philosophy yet but I am all for integrating Arts into education

My Community
I live in the mission district, right on the edge between Daly City and San Francisco (Geneva Ave). I just moved there so I haven't explored the area much. I am working in the Sunset district, at Sunset Elementary school. Although this is closer to where I used to live, I don't know much about what's there beyond the fact that it's close to the beach.

My Environment
I don't know much about my school yet because I just started there but I did learn that they are big on using the arts, which is perfect for me. It's a small school, just over 300 students and only has around 15 classes.

My Roles and Responsibilities
I'm beginning my student teaching, so that's my current role in addition to being a student.