Let's Explore Your 5 Senses!
How do you use your 5 senses everyday?
Experiment Worksheet
Students will separate into 5 small groups:
Group 1: Sight -- observe different objects and describe what they look like them with their words

Group 2: Sound -- Listen to different animal noises from a cd and make predictions on what it will be.

Group 3:  Taste -- Without looking, tasting cut up, skinned apples and pears and trying to figure out which one is which.  Another option would be to have sugar and salt and try to guess by taste which one is which.

Group 4:  Touch -- Use descriptive words to explain the sensations of touching: sandpaper, cotton balls, rice, etc.  Try to incorporate all sensations: rough, soft, smooth, sticky, etc.

Group 5:  Smell -- Without looking, smell the various samples: cut lemon, popcorn, fresh baked cookies, etc. Then make a prediction on a piece of paper what each object is.

Using the Lab Worksheet, draw pictures or write words in the appropriate boxes with their observations.