Life Cycle of a Butterfly
Where do butterflies come from?
This project was created for first grade teachers to plan and incorporate a life cycle unit into their curriculum. Students will be building on thier prior knowledge of butterflies and life cycles of animals. This site will include ideas of arts and crafts projects, ideas of books to use, worksheets, power point presentation and web links to use with the students as well as to gather up additional information to help develop this project for your own classroom.

For most of the first grade curriculum standards, students must learn about the life cycle of an animal or plant. This project will build on students knowledge about butterflies as well as focus on many content standard areas such as mathematics by using estimation strategies, language arts by doing creative writing in their journals and visual arts by creating caterpillar and butterfly projects. All of these disciplines, along with listening to books, will enhance the students learning process.
Butterfly life cycle
Butterflies and Catepillars
Life cycle
Life science
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