Exploring the Stock Market - Investing for Fifth Graders
Just how much CAN a 10 year old gain playing the stock market? (And it's not all about the money!)
Learning Objectives
Students will:

  • Learn basic stock market concepts and terms.
  • Research and pick two stocks via the Internet.
  • Use the Internet to collect daily stock closing values over time.
  • Setup an Excel spreadsheet to track and record each stock’s performance.
  • Learn to apply basic Excel spreadsheet formulas (multiplication, sum, profit/loss) to automatically compute: 
    • Daily individual stock dollar value - per stock (number of shares x daily stock closing value (mulitiplication))
    • Daily combined dollar value total - the addition of daily values for both stocks (stock #1 + stock #2 (sum))
    • Daily combined dollar profit/loss amount  (daily dollar value of stock #1 + stock #2:  is it greater than (profit), less than (loss), or equal to (no change) the initial amount invested on the first day in both stocks (profit/loss)?
  • Use Excel to create line graphs of stock performances.
  • Share findings related to the stock market, investing, and the tracking of stock performance via multimedia presentations, posters or podcasts.