Exploring the Stock Market - Investing for Fifth Graders
Just how much CAN a 10 year old gain playing the stock market? (And it's not all about the money!)
Activities and Teaching Timeline
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 Day 1
Intro to the stock market
  • Discussion:  "What is a stock?  What is the stock market?"
  • Q & A period
  • KWL chart
  • A few vocabulary words defined (handout optional)
  • Watch video clip: "What is a Stock?"  (Duration: 2’55 sec)
  • Review & overview of future activities
1 hr
Stock Market Vocab

Useful Links:

Discovery Education

(This site has as a free word search and cross word puzzle maker.  Enter the stock market vocabulary you want students to review into the online puzzle maker.)

How to read a Stock Quote:

United Streaming

(Requires a paid subscription, but offers thousands of educational video clips, including ones on the stock market.)

 Day 2  Researching stocks
  • More vocabulary defined
  • Video clip:  "How The Stock Market Works"
  • Q & A Period
  • Demo how to look-up stocks online
  • Give handout:  "Checking Stocks Online"
 1 hr
Checking Stocks Online

Websites for checking stocks
(for teacher & students):

Yahoo! Finance
Google Finance
 Day 3  Buying Stock
  • Video clip:  "Analyzing Stocks" (5’18 sec)
  • "Prev Close" as "buy price"
  • Purchasing formula - buying $1,000 of each stock
  • How many shares for $1,000?
  • Rounding to whole shares
  • Choose two companies and fill-in  handout
1 hr
Choose Two Stocks Use either/both sites for this activity:

Yahoo! Finance
Google Finance

To simplify the buy, tracking and sale activities for fifth grade students, allow the "Prev Close" (i.e. "Close" price) be the key figure they track for the daily value of their stocks.  Also, when students begin their investment and tracking phase, on the day they begin have them "buy" $1,000 worth of their chosen stock with that day’s "Prev Close" or "Close" value as the "buy price."

In the real world of buying stocks, there would be a $10:00+ fee for buying a stock, and the "Ask Price" would be used for purchasing the stock.  For these activities however, as mentioned above, the "Close" price was the only value my fifth grade students used for buying, tracking, and selling stocks.
 Day 4 Excel Spreadsheets
  • Setup Excel spreadsheets
  • Enter  stock #1 & stock #2 data
  • Check "Prev Close" price online
  • Enter dates and Share Prices for stock #1 & #2 in Excel
  • Video clip:  "Markets and Exchanges" (2’31 sec)

 1 hr
Stock Market Spreadsheet Completed Spreadsheet
(Excel spreadsheet example:  shows what the final student Excel spreadsheet will look like)

For help using Microsoft Excel, consult the "Help" menu within the program, Excel resource books from your nearest library, the "how to" printable handouts within this curriculum.  Online web-based resources such as Lynda.com provide excellent interactive tutorials (fee based subscription required).
 Day 5
 Excel - Formula #1 ($ Dollar Value of Stocks)
  • Students lookup latest close price for stock #1 & #2 and enter in Share Price columns
  • Setup "$ Value Stock #1" and "$ Value Stock #2" columns
  • Apply formula #1 (multiplication)
  • Video clip:  "Approaching Investing" (4’30 sec)
 1 hr
Stock Market Spreadsheet - Formula 1 Make Excel Do The Work (Part I)
Day 6   Excel - Formula #2 (Total Value)
  • Students lookup latest close price for stock #1 & stock #2 and enter in Excel Share Price column
  • Setup "Total Value" column in Excel
  • Apply formula #2 (sum)
 45 min
Stock Market Spreadsheet - Formula 2 Make Excel Do The Work (Part II)
 Day 7
Excel - Formula # 3 (Profit / Loss Amt)
  • Students lookup latest close price for stock #1 & stock #2 and enter in Share Price column
  • Setup "Profit / Loss Amt" column in Excel
  • Apply formula #3
 30 min
Stock Market Spreadsheet - Formula 3 Make Excel Do The Work (Part III)
 Day 8
Tracking stocks daily (3 week +/- duration)
  • Students track stocks on a daily basis and enter Share Price ("Prev Close" values) into Excel
  • (Other activites  can take place as desired by the teacher)
 10 min
Historical Prices It is helpful to know that if students are sick or forget to track stock closing prices during the tracking process, they can easily find what the Close price was on any given day(s) by clicking the "Historical Prices" link on either the Yahoo! Finance or Google Finance webpages.  The "Historical Prices" link is found after entering the company or stock is entered into the search window.  See this handout for details.
 * Tracking & recording stock values in Excel
 Day 15
 Excel Line Graph
  • Students choose one stock to graph (line graph)
 1 hr
  Line Graph Data Table
Line Graph - Example I
Line Graph - Example II