The Origins of the Constitution Project
How have historical traditions shaped democracy as we see it expressed in the US Constitution?
Student Step by Step Instructions

Origins of the Constitution Project: Step By Step Instructions

Project Focus Question: How has your tradition shaped democracy as we see it expressed in the US Constitution.

Part 1:

1. Get in a group and get your groupís Historical Tradition.

Our Tradition Is:

2. Go to the Origins of Democracy web page and find the Project Work Page for your tradition. Locate your Word Bank and Internet links. Copy your word bank into your own Research Log (one Log per student).

3. As a group, or individually according to your learning style, start researching your topic using the web pages provided. Use what you know about doing research on the Internet (Use your Internet Research Guide).

Part 2:

4. Once you have an idea of how your topic and the Constitution connect, start brainstorming more words and ideas to look up. Write these words in your word bank and continue taking notes in your Research Log.

5. Continue doing research outside of class. Use Google Docs to communicate with your group. But Just in case, save a hard copy of your notesÖ.

Part 3:

6. When your group has enough information to answer the Project Focus Question, fill out your Guide to Writing A Formal Conclusion. You only need one of these for your whole group. Get this checked off by the Teacher before you go on.

7. As a group take your answers from the Guide to Writing A Formal Conclusion, and write your formal paper. It must be typed. You can use Google Docs and do this from home!

Part 4:

8. Now that you have all your information, Choose your Project! Use the Rubrics on the Rubrics Page for your project type to find out what to do for each of the project options. Then pick the project that you like best!

9. Brainstorm what you will do to complete your project. Then divide the work evenly. Draw up a list of all the jobs you will need to get done and who will do them. Set up a calendar that shows what jobs each person will do and what day they will do them. Get this checked off by the Teacher before you go on.

Part 5:

10. Following the project Rubric and guidelines on the Project Work Page create the Rough Draft of your project. Your Rough Draft should be in the form of a Story Board. Get this checked off by the Teacher before you go on.

11. Use the Project Self Assessment to evaluate your rough draft for Completeness and Clarity. Consider your Teacherís comments when making changes to your project.

Part 6:

12. Create your Final Project. Make sure to share the work of the Final Project evenly among your group members.

13. Using the Class Presentation Rubric as a guide, prepare your class presentation.

Part 7:

14. Present your Project to the class.

15. Complete the Peer Evaluation for one other groupís presentation.