The Origins of the Constitution Project
How have historical traditions shaped democracy as we see it expressed in the US Constitution?
Formal Assessment and Rubrics

The formal assessment for this project includes several assignments.

Students will produce a Research Log of all their research notes and the connections they can draw to the Constitution.

Click Here to see a copy of the Research Log

Students will write a formal conclusion of their findings following a guide.

Click Here for a copy of the Formal Conclusion Guide.

Next, student projects will be graded with a rubric that covers both form and content.  Students will use these rubrics to guide and evaluate their work as the project progresses and the same rubrics will be used by the teacher for formal assessment.  The four grading rubrics are included as links below.

1.  PowerPoint Rubric

2.  Comic Book Rubric

3.  Skit Rubric

4.  Movie Rubric

Finally, all students will have their presentations graded by a group of their peers in a Peer Review.  The rubric for this is in the link below.

Group Project Presentation Rubric (Peer Assessment)