The Origins of the Constitution Project
How have historical traditions shaped democracy as we see it expressed in the US Constitution?
Informal and Self Assessment

Informal Assessment:  There are several informal assessments in this project, most notably those assignments that must be checked off by the teacher.  These include the rough draft for the Formal Conclusion and the rough draft for the project.  It is assumed that the teacher will also monitor the value and accuracy of Research Log entries to check for quality and understanding.

Self Assessment:  Self assessment is key to teaching students how to process what they have made from the point of view of the outsider.  It allows students to consider their work and whether it is complete and coherent.  Self assessment also allows students to practice their skills at evaluation on their own work, which is a key component to helping them produce their best possible products.  There are two kinds of self assessment built into this project.  The first challenges students to compare their project rough drafts to the highest grade in the rubric.  This assignment is linked in the list below:

1.  Powerpoint Group Self Assessment

2.   Comic Book Group Self Assessment

3.   Skit Group Self Assessment

4.  Movie Group Self Assessment

The second asks students to consider how the project and the process of creating it has changed or shaped them.  A copy of this assessment is below:

Student Self Assessment