Using iPod's to Teach the Writing Process
What does the entire writing process encompass, from brainstorming to audio/video publishing?
   Fourth and fifth grade students will begin this project by using four to five ipods simultaneously in a guided reading center.  Students will be both homogeneously and heterogeneously grouped during this on-going center based learning instruction.  Utilizing ipods for a guided reading center will allow me to completely differentiate instruction by storing multiple leveled texts on a single device.  (Students will experience this guided reading center multiple times while they receive instruction on the writing process.) Students will have the ability to access a variety of material and hard cover accompaniments addressing studentsí various reading levels.
    Students will have the opportunity to read/listen to their desired texts multiple times if desired.  Also, the ipod control will allow students the flexibility to end their guided reading center at various places in their reading on any given day.
    Moreover, students will be able to skip from book to book and chapter-to-chapter at their center, thereby allowing students to finish and begin reading/listening selected texts at specific points or chapters.
    Students will engage in jigsaw presentations using various technologies, utlize podcasting programs and present to their peers using digitally projected multimedia images.
    The use of audio and/or video technology to develop student writing, reading and speaking skills will allow students to create and dictate their own stories using a multimedia platform.  By implementing the audio and/or video portion of the writing process will allow students multiple opportunities to revisit and focus not only on their basic writing, drafting and revision skills, but also their higher level thinking, artistic and creative problem solving skills and abilities.

The Writing Process: From Brainstroming to Audio/Video Publishing.
Ipod Guided Reading Center
Focus Content Area:
English/Language Arts

Secondary Content Area:
Performing Arts
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