Disease. What is it?
Is it possible to eliminate disease? And should we be trying to eliminate it?


        Disease is an essential part of our natur
al world, yet we spend billions of dollars each year trying to prevent it; and even more trying to understand it.  There are many different types of disease; some of which we are able to control, others of which we have learned how to prevent, and still others which prove to be ongoing challenges in cure, management, and prevention.  Disease has been around for as long as we know.  It seems that when we find a way to manage one disease, another one emerges as a threat.

        Understanding disease begins with understanding biology.  Student will learn what it is, how it works, why we can control some
diseases and why we cannot control others. Students will begin to explore question of why disease exists and what affects it has on natural populations.  Once they have a biological foundation of understanding, they will become an expert on a particular disease and they will be responsible for learning about it, educating others about it, proposing ideas for disease management, and presenting the pros and cons of our continuous attempt to eliminate disease.