How can you survive the Big One?
What are Earthquakes?

(image) Internet Geography: Earthquakes
Learn about the causes and find out about current earthquakes.

Cool Earthquake Facts
Find out cool facts such as what was used before the seismograph and the difference between tsunamis and tidal waves at this USGS site.

Earthquake ABCs
Click through the letters to learn the definitions of many earthquake-related words.

Earthquakes for Kids
The US Geological Surveyís wonderful web site for kids.

How do earthquakes form?

Life Along the Faultline
This is the Exploratoriumís site about earthquakes.

The Tech Museum of Innovation: Earthquakes
This is the web site for the exhibit at The Tech.

Understanding Earthquakes
A great deal of wonderful information. (note: If you donít like the color of the pageís title, just click on it. Cool!)

USGS Learning Links for Beginners