Podcasts and Wikis:
Using the Read/Write Web to Create Autonomous Thinkers

The Read/Write web is quickly becoming an important tool in the educational progress of 21st century students.  This presentation will focus on two Web 2.0 resouces, podcasts and wikis to enhance student learning.  Podcasting and wikis can be used in powerful ways to motivate students to develop their traditional and digital literacy skills.  These resources will promote the development of reading, writing, and cognitive skills while cultivating learning and the sharing of concepts and ideas among students.  This session explores examples of successful classroom podcasts and wikis and also demonstrates how teachers can start their own podcasts and wikis for easy online collaboration. 

Why use Wikis or Podcasting in your classroom?

* Student Engagement and Ownership in their Education

* Their voices can be heard.

* Authentic Assessment

* Parent Communication and Involvement

* Focus on the learning material

* Students explain their thinking

* Collaboration!

Pay Attention Video by Darrell Draper.