Magnets and Us
What would our lives be like if there were no magnets?

This site will guide you in a scientific exploration of magnets, magnetic fields, electromagnets and their relation to our everyday lives. It examines activities, facts, fiction, and internet links to sites that will enrich your knowledge.

Students will develop their knowledge of magnets and electromagnets through hands on activities, scientific observations, and by developing a scientific journal. The journal, in turn, will help students educate their family and friends scientifically. Students will also develop critical thinking by analyzing and infering about the importance of magnets in our lives, and what live would be like if there were no magnets on Earth.

Duration: 7 hours over 7 days

Magnets and Magnetic Field
Compass making
Finding out magnetic fields
Magnet making
Magnetic bendable toy making
Scientific Journal
Focus Content Area:

Secondary Content Area:
English/Language Arts
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