Paul Bunyan: Tall Man, Tall Tale
What makes Paul Bunyan so "tall"?

This project represents a thorough exploration of Paul Bunyan, "the tallest hero of the tallest of American tall tales." Students will develop an understanding of why the story of Paul Bunyan is a tall tale, and they will apply their new knowledge of this genre to create original work. Students will use this site to explore Paul Bunyan and tall tales through various activities that involve web research, reading comprehension, original writing, and clay art.


This site was created to carry on the legacy of Mr. Paul Bunyan through the education of third grade students. The activities in this project are designed to further develop studentsí creative writing and fine arts skills in accordance with the California Content Standards.


8 hours over 2-3 weeks

Justin Crisostomo. San Francisco Tree. September 2007. From authorís personal collection.

Paul Bunyan
Tall Tales
Focus Content Area:
English/Language Arts

Secondary Content Area:
Fine Arts
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