Edible Gardens
What do we need to know to plant an edible garden?
Core Understandings and Learning Objectives
Core Understandings

  • Learning about the way a need was met during a difficult time helps us see a way that gardening was valued in US History
  • Learning about what plants need to grow gives us the tools to understand how to grow our own food
  • Discovering what parts of plants different fruits and vegetables come from helps us envision what we will plant in our community garden
Learning Objectives

  • Students will gain a basic understanding of what the purpose of Victory Gardens were for
  • Students will explore a website that gives them information about where different fruit and vegetables come from
  • Students will navigate a website and watch a powerpoint that give simple demonstrations about what plants need to grow
  • Students will use this information to  do a worksheet
  • Students will observe how pesticides get into our food through a hands-on activity
  • Students will observe how pesticides can enter our water supply through a hands-on activity
  • Students will decide what they would want to plant in their own garden based on what they have learned

HSS.2.4.3. Understand how limits on resources affect production and consumption (what to produce and what to consume).
Grade Two
Life Sciences
SCI.2.2 Plants and animals have predictable life cycles.
SCI.2.2.e. Students know light, gravity, touch, or environmental stress can affect the germination, growth, and development of plants.