Edible Gardens
What do we need to know to plant an edible garden?
Pesticide use

20 MINUTES in the morning, 5 MINUTES in the afternoon 

Day 5

Today, the teacher will do a hands on lesson called celery rocks to demonstrate how pesticides get into our food.  It is a good idea to do this lesson in the morning so the effects can be observed in the afternoon.

materials: celery stalks (one for every two students), 16 oz paper cups (one for each celery stalk) red or blue food coloring, water

leave the celery stalks in the water  in an out of the way place when the lesson is completed. 

Revisit the celery 4-5 hour later.  Have students make observations about what has happened to the celery.  What do we think might be in the celery if the water is the same water with the pesticides in it from yesterday’s lesson?  Have students write their observations in their Observation Journals.