Edible Gardens
What do we need to know to plant an edible garden?
how pesticides get into the water

40 MINUTES, Day 5

materials per student: 1 sht. blank typing paper, 1 pg. oaktag or other lightweight cardboard, washable markers (shared), tape, spray bottle, water

step 1. Begin the lesson by revisiting what elements plants need to grow.  Ask students if they know what pesticides are; do a KWL chart.  discuss how pesticides kill bugs that might eat the fruit, but they are also unhealthy for us to eat, which is why itís important to wash fruits and vegetables before you eat them.

step 2: model: tell students that you will give them a blank piece of paper, which is going to be their land.  lightly crumple the paper, then open it and tape the corners down to the card stock.  Show them how this looks like a topographal map.  Outline different areas on the map with the markers, using black for mountains, green for farmland, blue for rivers, lakes and streams.  Hand out materials.

step 3: Next, use an orange marker to "spray" the farmland with pesticides. Have students do the same.

step 4: walk around the room with the spray bottle filled with water, telling students that now it will rain.  Wet each map, and observe with the students how the "pesticide" goes into the waterways!  Have students write their observations in an Observation Journal.