Edible Gardens
What do we need to know to plant an edible garden?
What can we do with what we learned?

Students will have learned that we donít need to live on a farm to grow food.  They will have learned what plants need to grow, what parts of plants we eat, why we use pesticides and what their impact is on us.  They will have some ideas about what they would like to grow, and based on these, the teacher can make a plan for what they really can plant.  Whether there is a real plot to use, or if pots can be placed in a sunny spot, there are many opportunities to grow something edible, no matter how small.  The Victory Garden Project is a great resource for getting started.  This rubric will guide the teacher in grading this project. But hopefully, the project will extend beyond what was learned in the classroom to home and beyond, and a seed will have been planted for a few renegade urban farmers.