A Tour Through The California Missions
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live during the the times of the California Missions?

Project Overview

          This project will introduce the era of the California Missions and why it is important to California History. In order to achieve this successfully with 4th grade students, they will be instructed in various lessons in order to learn, discuss, appreciate, and create a visual of the California Mission. Students will be involved in journal writing, internet research with pre-selected websites, writing an informational report and lastly, constructing a mini-version of a mission. Students will be aware of all the Missions in California, but, will concentrate on one particular mission of their choice for the written report and art project.


          This project is aligned with 4th grade standards in Social Studies and History. Students must learn about the various roles during the times of the California Missions such as the Native Americans, Spaniards, priests, and etc. They will also be introduced to the different areas of the missions such as presidios and pueblos and how these establishments affected the people of California. The lessons in this project will meet the curricular goals and standards through their writings, visual project, observation, and final presentation.

California Missions
Junipero Serra
Focus Content Area:
History/Social Science

Secondary Content Area:
English/Language Arts
Grade Level: