Learning from Multicultural Friends
Why is it important to learn from different cultures?
Fifth grade students will explore, through an interdisciplinary approach, multicultural people in the United States. They will explore their own backgrounds, learn about some struggles groups have had here in the US, listen to a speaker and present a culture, learn about famous multicultural individuals, perform culture through visual and performing arts activities, and finally create a "Portrait Poem."

These activities will hopefully help students become aware of the influences of culture on their lives and in life all around us. I hope to encourage them to start thinking critically about racial and ethnic inequalities, as well as see positive projections of race and ethnicitiy.

It is important for students to explore this because we live in a multicultural society, and need to learn about one another and live harmoniously with each other. We should learn about our own and each otherís histories and cultures to also learn about where we come from and how our stories influence where we are at today. It is also important to
Multicultural People
Asian American History
Black History
Chican@ History
Native American History
Focus Content Area:
English/Language Arts

Secondary Content Area:
Performing Arts
Fine Arts
Grade Level: