The Ohlone Native Americans
What would it be like to live at the time when the Native Americans were the only people here?
Meet the Author

Christina Grosso


My Philosophy
My philosophy of teaching is that everyone should have a voice and a chance to express themselves freely. Education should be open to all who are willing to learn and share ideas with one another. Teachers, especially, should have a chance to learn from each other so that they can better their students education.

My Community
I live in an urban and diverse community. There are people of many different backrounds with many ways of relating to one another. It is a nice neighborhood where I feel safe and welcomed. There are parks nearby in which I can have a chance to escape from the busy and often hectic urban life!

My Environment
At the elementary school in which I am a student teacher, there is a strong sense of community and underestanding. The enviornment there is wonderful because everyone there values education and values what each individual brings to the community.

My Roles and Responsibilities
My role right now is as a student at SFSU and as a student teacher at Jose Ortega Elementry school. I hope to finish the credential program at SFSU and go on to become an elementary school teacher in San Francisco.