The Ohlone Native Americans
What would it be like to live at the time when the Native Americans were the only people here?
Learning Goals:

It is my goal that students will learn about what the area they are living in was like before the city and modern day life existed. I want them to understand how people were able to live off the land  and survive in a world where there was no TV and supermarkets.

Core Understandings Include:
  • Learning about the past helps us to understand the lives that we are living today and helps us to think critically about what has happened in Califonia’s history.
  • Learning about the Native Americans of California enables us to learn about how people were able to survive before current day technology.
  • Students understand and appreciate the way that Native Americans were able to survive without taking advantage of the earth’s resources.

  • Students learn that their are many ways that Native Americans are steroetyped and they learn that each tribe is unique through art.
  • Students use the internet to learn more about the Ohlone’s way of life.
  • Students reflect on Ohlone life through writing journal entries.
  • Students learn about the legend of the Dreamcatcher and create their own Dreamcatcher.
  • Students reflect on Ohlone life through creating poetry.

The California Content Standards that will be addressed through this unit of study are listed below.

HSS.3.2.1. Describe national identities, religious beliefs, customs, and various folklore traditions.
HSS.3.2.2. Discuss the ways in which physical geography, including climate, influenced how the local Indian nations adapted to their natural environment (e.g., how they obtained food, clothing, tools).
HSS.3.2.4. Discuss the interaction of new settlers with the already established Indians of the region.