The Ohlone Native Americans
What would it be like to live at the time when the Native Americans were the only people here?
KWL Chart
Time: To do the first part of this chart will take about 15 minutes. The last part of the chart, which will be completed at the end of this unit of study, will also take about 15 minutes.

In this activity we are going to make a chart called a KWL Chart. KWL stands for what we know, what we want to know, and what we have learned. In this chart, we are going to begin by writing what we know about the Ohlone Native Americans. Then we will write what we want to know. At the end of our study on the Ohlone (in a few weeks), we will fill out the last column of the chart, which is what we learned. 

Below is an example of the KWL.

KWL Chart