The Ohlone Native Americans
What would it be like to live at the time when the Native Americans were the only people here?
Art Project
Time: Two days, 30 minutes each day
Day 1: Discuss legend and do worksheet
Day 2: Quick review of what we learned the day before and the make our own Dream Catchers

In this activty, we are going to learn the legend behind Dream Catchers and we are going to make our very own dream catchers! Dream catchers were used by Native Americans from all different places, not just by the Ohlone.

Everything that the Ohlone made was created by hand and with great care. When the Ohlone people made dream catchers, they said a prayer while they worked. They worked their prayers into many of the objects that they made so that each thing they made was sacred and blessed.

Everything the Ohlone made was from the earth. All the materials they used for their Dream Catchers were things they found in nature.

We are going to read The Legend of the Dream Catcher as a class to understand the value and importance of dream catchers. After we have read the legend we will complete the Dream Catcher Worksheet to make sure we fully understand the wonderful story behind Dream Catchers. You will have the chance to work with a partner to finish the worksheet and then we will go over it as a class.

Later when we are ready, we will check out this website to see how we are going to make our own dream catchers: 
Dream Catchers