The Ohlone Native Americans
What would it be like to live at the time when the Native Americans were the only people here?
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Time: 15 minutes for KWL Chart
-1 hour total for the poems, could do 30 minutes a day if needed
- 10 minutes for students to present

To begin the reflection, we will finish the last column in our KWL Chart that we did at the beginning of our study on the Ohlone Native Americans. In doing this, we will review all that we have learned about the Ohlone people.

Final Project

For our final project, we will write and illustrate short poems in which we express our appreciation for the earth. First write a rough darft of your poem. Then when you think you are done have a teacher proof read it for you. After a teacher shows you what you need to correct, you can rewrite your final draft. Then we will paste your final draft onto a large piece of  white construction paper. Then you can illustrate your poem in the border that is around your poem. Draw pictures of the things you wrote about in your poem!

When we are done writing and drawing, each student will  have the opportunity to share their poem by reading it aloud for the class, if you want to. Then we will put our poems up on our classroom bullentin board!