The Ohlone Native Americans
What would it be like to live at the time when the Native Americans were the only people here?
Summary of Student Learning
Through these activities, we will have learned what life was like for the Ohlone Native Americans. We will have thought about what life was like for the Ohlone and understand what it will have meant to be a part of that culture so long ago.

We will know what a stereotype is and how Native Americans have been stereotyped. We will know that each Native American tribe is different and has unique customs and beliefs.

We will have respect for Native American art and culture and know that all the art the Ohlone created was sacred and a prayer.

We are able to discuss and write about Ohlone daily life as well as different beliefs that the Ohlone had. We understand the ways in which the Ohlone respected the earth and why they did.

We will have learned about a different culture and understand an important piece of United States history.

For Teacherís:

This is the final Teacherís Rubric that covers each activity that we have done throughout this unit. This is the overall rubric and can be used to assess studentís learning when all of the activities and projects have been completed. This rubric will help the teacher see how well each child was able to get through this unit and understand all of the information.

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