Coral Reefs: The Ocean's Treasure!
Why is the Coral Reef Ecosystem Important?
Project Overview:

Why is the coral reef ecosystem important?  The focal point of this project is teaching children the importance of the coral reef ecosystem, the threats the are contributing to its destruction and the steps humans can take to protect it from extinction.  Through a combination of Science and English/Language Arts curriculum, students will discover a vast amount of information regarding the coral reef ecosystem.  Prior to this project, students should already be familair with ecosystems and food chains.  Students will learn what a coral reef is and how special it is to our Earth through a combination of research, worksheets, and writing composition.  They will even make a "Coral Reef Conservation" commercial!  Hopefully the students will be able to apply their new-found knowledge about protecting coral reefs to protecting the Earth as a whole.


This project follows many of the Science and English/Language Arts California Content Standards.  Fourth grade students are expected to understand ecosystems and food chains and this project covers both extensively.  They are also expected to write and speak in complete sentences, compose multi-paragraph papers and effectively use supporting evidence in spoken message or presentations.  The preceding standards are also emphasized in the project.  Students will follow many fourth grade standards through a series of enjoyable activities!


This project should last about six days.  However, the length is contingent on classroom dynamics.  Teachers, use your discretion!


The importance of the coral reef ecosystem
coral reefs
food chains
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Other: English/Language Arts
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