Purpose in Learning Communities
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Cross-Age Projects
Pinellas County Schools in Florida developed a project for three schools: Pinellas Elementary School, Morgan Fitzgerald Middle School, and Pinellas Park High School to design six 6-week cross-age cross-curriculum projects. One team was set up with all of the eCoaches and six teams for each theme.
Team eCoaches set up their team page for quick links, research, dates for field trips, etc. Each team used the team blog feature to share ideas,  resources, and upload evidence. Some teams assigned different colors for each person. The projects included photos and videos of field trips, lessons, handouts, presentations, and more.

Because teachers from different schools were working together, the message center helped connect people. Members and eCoaches could send a message to one person or the entire team. They set up their preferences so they received an email notification if an internal message was sent to them. Blogs could also be set up to notify the author whenever a comment was added.

Pinellas is adding two more schools to this project using several of the eCoaches from the original schools.

Do you have an idea for a collaborative district project?

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