Purpose in Learning Communities
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Coaching Program
If you have an existing coaching program, you can provide online communities to extend support. Los Angeles USD Arts Education Branch (AEB) staff supports 37 coaches and 1500 teachers around the district. Over 37 teams (communities) were set up where each coach manages their own teams.

The AEB staff developed the Arts Instructional Guides for each discipline (Dance, Music, Theatre, Visual Arts, and Media Arts) with modules for each grade K-5. Teachers are providing input on the comments on each page. Teams of teachers will be developing lesson units and do lesson study.

The AEB staff designed Arts Instructional Guide that aligned all discipline areas and standards. Secondary Arts coaches and lead teachers are providing ongoing comments. The first version will be cloned and updated based on comments.

Do you have a coaching program? Are you looking at finding a way to improve teaching practice? Have you thought of doing lesson study?

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