Purpose in Learning Communities
Why is it important for your community?
Most of the communities we are talking about are education focused. However, a learning community can be any type of community that has a purpose that meets the goals of all the members.

Just think about how we communicate now - phone - email, some blog, podcast, and maybe even videoconferencing. If you have an online community with the ability to use multiple asynchronous and synchronous tools, you can design a virtual place that supports any goal.

Think about any type of community:
senior centers
cancer support groups
writing workshops
book clubs
personal trainers with their clients
instructional designers
families at a distance

What about military families setting up their own communities? MySpace is blocked by the military, soldiers and their families need to stay in touch [article], think about an online community as a way of connecting and sharing.

U.S. Army 101st Airborne Division soldier Brett Evans, 19, sends an e-mail to his family from a U.S. base in Mosul 250 miles north of Baghdad.

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