Matter & Energy
How does matter and energy interact?
Energy is the ability to do work and energy comes from many different resources. Read the articles below on energy. Take notes in you Science Journal, you will have a test at the end. Also answer the questions I give along the way.

Forms of Energy Article

Uses of Energy   Article 

The Energy Story Article        

Take a break from reading and play with "Flip Switch" in "WATTS THAT"

Hope you had fun! That Flip is one funny fellow!

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Forms of Energy
Sources of Energy
Renewable energy sources
More What Is Energy?
About Renewable Energy

Journal Questions:

What is the difference between renewable energy and non- renewable energy?

Of the articles you chose to read which one do you think offered the most information?  (You canít include Watts That):)

Name at least three interesting energy facts that you have learned.

How do you feel about the energy we use now that you know where it all comes from? 

Energy Quiz Okay this is an online quiz, you will get the answers right away. What I want you to do is number your paper write your first choice down before you click on the answer, if you are right give yourself a star, if not put your second choice and see if you are right, if so give yourself a check, if not write down the question and the correct answer in your journal so you wont forget it!