Matter & Energy
How does matter and energy interact?

You will find a wealth of information on the following sites and have some fun along the way. Be sure to take notes in your Science Journals. There will be a quiz again at the end of this page.

Static Electricity & Lightning
Electrical Charges


Everything you need to know about magnets

Let’s take a trip to Cool Math Magnets.

The Distribution of Electricity

How Electricity Is Made

How Electricity Gets To Your Home

How We Use Electricity

Fun Facts About Electricity

Take a break and have some fun with the following interactive games.
Energy in Motion wind power game

Indoor Electrical Safety

Outdoor Electrical Safety

Storm Chasers

Okay it is time to test your knowledge. Again the quizzes are online, so number your paper 1-10 and then write your answers as you take the test and then once you submit it write down your %. Have fun.

Trivia Quiz 1
Trivia Quiz 2
Trivia Quiz 3