Matter & Energy
How does matter and energy interact?
What is Matter?  On this page you will find some helpful websites to help form your understanding of matter and how it all works. I ask that you pay attention and read your way through the articles. Smart Scientists gather their information from multiple sources to form their opinions and judgements. So take your time as you read and be prepared to reflect on what you have learned.

This video will help you understand just what matter is.

What is Matter? Video

What is Matter?  Article

Write in your Science Journal what matter is. 

Now that we know what matter is we need to know that there are 3 states (kinds) of matter.  Click on the links below to learn about the different states of matter. In your Science Journal keep notes of what the states are and how each state works.

States of Matter Article
States of Matter Article
States of Matter Video

Also add in your journal what you think is the coolest thing you learned so far about Matter!

Now let us continue our venture on matter. Did you know you can combine elements to make new elements.
Be sure to use the Perodic Table to see how many elements there are.  I had to memorize the Periodic Table when I was in 6th grade.

Make sure you click on the interactive table.
Then click on the chemistry bond.
What do you get when you add Na + Cl = ?

Periodic Table of the Elements

Check out this neat video on elements!
Helium is Boring

Here are some other sites that you will find interesting and full of knowledge!

Strange Matter After exploring this site jot down a few things you found most interesting.

Now that you have explored through Matter you should be ready to tell me what you have learned.  Take the Matter Quiz and put the answers in your Science Journal number the answers. This will be graded. If you are not sure of something you could go back or search the internet for your anwsers.

Matter Quiz