Instructional Development Timeline

By Pawel Dabrowski      September 14, 2011 -- 02:57 AM
Very helpful and informative.
However, some information is not quite accurate (example includes Dale's Cone of Experience - the exhibit that you include was never developed by Dale. His cone was completely different - did not include percentages which are not based on any solid research. Also its purpose was rather different).

By aziz ur rehman      November 14, 2010 -- 06:21 AM
during 1980s, the concept of brain based learning knocked at the doors of learning theorists, especially the congnitivists-constructivists. please accentuate the bbl theory concept in the wonderful histirical collection of your nice research record.thanksaziz phd scholar

By Manuel E. Contreras      October 23, 2009 -- 09:07 AM
What an informative and interesting site. I also got to know of e-coach. Will look into it. Congratulations!

By Rich Hanspire      October 19, 2009 -- 05:01 PM
This is an excellent short history of the field.

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