Instructional Development Timeline
John B. Watson



  • Furman Univeristy, M.A. 1899
  • University of Chicago, Ph.D. Experimental Psychology, 1903

Career Highlights

  • Professor, John Hopkins University (1908-1920)
  • Prseident of an advertising agency (1921)

Major Contributions To Instrucional Development

  • Launched the Behaviorist revolution in 1913
  • Demonstrated the role of conditioning in the development of emotional responses to stimuli

Findings, Research, Studies

Watson claimed that behavior should be examined rather than the operations of the mind in the study of psychology. He contended that it was possible to condition humans and animals. In his famous study, Watson conditioned a young child named Albert to fear a white rat. He did so by creating a loud noise whenever Albert touched the rat. Frightened by the loud noise, the young Albert associated the rat to this feeling and thus feared the rat too.


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John Broadus Watson

John B. Watson
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John Broadus Watson
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