Instructional Development Timeline
Howard Gardner


  • Harvard University, A.B. 1965, Ph.D. 1971

Career Highlights

  • Co-director of Project Zero, Harvard University (1973
  • Professor of Education, Harvard University (1986)
  • Research Psychologist, Boston V.A. Hospital (1972)
  • Professor of Medicine (1979) and Neurology (1984),
    Boston University School of Medicine



Major Contributions to Instructional Development

 Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences states that not only do human beings have many different ways to learn and process information, but that these are independent of each other: leading to multiple "intelligences" as opposed to a general intelligence factor among correlated abilities. In 1999 Gardner currently lists eight intelligences as

Multiple Intelligences

  • linguistic
  • logic-mathematical
  • musical
  • spatial
  • bodily kinesthetic
  • naturalist
  • interpersonal
  • intrapersonal

Multiple Intelligences



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The biographical profile of Howard Gardner, focusing on his contributions
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