Instructional Development Timeline

This was done using the Universal Builder in My eCoach by the My eCoach team, Charlotte McGovern and Barbara Bray. This site was originally created by Leilani Carbonell-Pedroni who worked for My eCoach in 2001 as a class assignment for her Master’s program at San Francisco State University. Since its initial development ten years ago, this project was in dire need of changes and updating.  Please check back often for updates. We are adding videos, charts, images, files, and more to


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By Myrene Magabo      November 9, 2010 -- 06:33 AM
I do like the information provided and how the information were presented. How can I submit a related work in the future?

By Kathryn      September 12, 2010 -- 03:27 PM
I'm finding it very hard to cite the Behaviorism page in APA form. I don't have when the page was last updated and it was confusing who is the author and who built the website. It would be great to have a page with all the information needed for citing. Thanks!

By Linda Youngchild      July 19, 2010 -- 05:44 PM
This has been very helpful for me in my Psy/102 class. I needed to make a developmental timeline. I am a visual learner and I needed to see something that made it clearer for me. Thank you. I take my class over the internet.