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Media Arts @ LAUSD

The Media Arts comprise a wide and evolving range of creative and expressive uses of media and communications technologies, including, but not limited to: video, digital imaging, graphic and web design, sound production, game design and interactive programming.

They are distinguished from traditional forms in their enhanced capacity to manipulate and combine interactivity, text, light, sound, image, motion, space and time, and in their use of complex technical processes such as recording, capturing, remixing, filtering, compositing, processing, distributing and projecting.

Here at South Gate High School we provide all students with opportunities to create and perform the processes, elements and enduring understanding of the Media Arts, through the use of current and evolving technologies.

The curriculum is desinged to introduce the students to the process and tools associated with Media Arts. The courses are divide into several sections: filmmaking/broadcasting, digital media, and design.

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