Digital Poem
Create symbolism and themes in filmmaking

Poetry in Motion

Poems can tell a story, express emotions, create a mood and much more. In this project the students will come to hear the language, rhythm, and motion of poetry as they read and visually interpret poems.

Macintosh computers (imacs) with DVD recorders, digital video camera, external
microphone (optional), tripod, iMovie, iPhoto, and AppleWorks.

Project Description
To introduce the project, students create groups of two and select poems from poetry collections to read out loud to each other. Students then select and interpret the theme or idea of the poem and visualize the poem in terms of symbolism, motifs, metaphors, and iconography.   

Students use video Cameras to locate and videotape images that reflect and enhance their chosen poem. They import the images into imovie and edit images to fit the theme and rhythm of the poem.

The students narrate the poem using external microphones and digitize into iMovie. Then the students export the created poem into Garageband and create background music.   

After completing this project, students will be able to:
•Hear the language, rhythm, and motion of poetry.
•Understand the use of different poetry elements, such as symbolism, theme, motifs and iconography 
•Interpret poetry considering genre, imagery, structure, and sound.
•Choose images that reflect the poem.

Technology Skills
After completing this project, students will be able to:
•Import images into imovie.
•Use iMovie to edit a video project.
•Use garageband to create audio

See attached rubric

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