Digital self-portrait Lesson Plan
Grade Level 9-12

Lesson Goal: The goal of this lesson is for students to be able to create a digital self-portrait in adobe photoshop and Illustrator CS3. The first self-portrait will be created by manipulating a digital photo of themselves and the second will be a digital illustration of the self-portrait. The student will use the concepts of emphasis, line, shade, and shape to create these images.

Visual Art Content Standards

Solve a visual arts problem that involves the effective use of the elements of art and the principles of design.

2.3 Develop and refine the skill in manipulation of digital imagery (still or video)

4.1 Articulate how personal beliefs, cultural traditions, current social economics and political contexts influence the interpretation of the meaning or message in a work of art

Lesson Objectives: Students will...
Take pictures of each other using a digital camera.
Discuss importance of the self portrait
Manipulate their images to create a self portrait.
Define emphasis and line as used in art.
Understand basic skills of photoshop and illustrator.
Print their self-portraits and mount for display.

Materials: for 40 students
Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator CS3
10 Digital Camera
20 Wacom Illustration Tablets
40 pieces of semi-gloss printer paper

Essential Questions:
1. How can photoshop be used in art?What about the fine arts?
2. What are some techniques that can be done by hand that can also be done in      photoshop and illustrator?
3. How does photoshop allow an artist to manipulate the image?

Guiding Questions:
1. What is a portrait? 
2. What is a self portrait and What is its importance?
3. How does emphasis play a role in self portrait?
4. How does line play a role in self portrait?
5. How is value and line used in art?
6. What  is the importance of shape and emphasis in art?

Introduce the concept of emphasis, line, value and shape. Introduce basic photoshop and Illustrator skills with emphasis on various tools and layers. Introduce the lesson with the printed original image and a self portrait illustration.

Show different resources  about self portrait including self portrait painters and media artist. Discuss the techniques and history of the genre.