Podcasts: A Whole New .WAV of Communication
How to use Podcasts with Students
In recent years, podcasts have become very easy to create. Many computers come stocked with digital audio recording tools that make any voice can be heard! Apple has led the way by providing applications like iTunes to store, transfer and listen to podcasts, and Garage Band to create your own podcasts. Although most podcasters use an external mic to record their broadcasts, each Macbook come with a small internal mic that works just fine.

Please investigate these examples of how podcasts have made their way into the classroom:

1st Grade Class
(a fantastic example of how to use podcasts with primary students)

Willowdale Elementary, Omaha, Nebraska

Wells Elementary School (click on "Tech Time w/ Mr. S")

Kids Learn out Loud ( scroll to find free historical speeches)

Australia's Department of Education and Training (comprehensive How to guide for using podcasts in the classroom)

How to Make Your Own Podcast (Scripting, format and Garage Band Tutorial)

Language Matters by Peter McKenzie-Brown ( informational article)