Podcasts: A Whole New .WAV of Communication
Podcasts, A Whole New .WAV
Welcome to the new and exciting world of podcasting. Podcasts are professional or home-made radio broadcasts that can be published or listened to via the Internet.  "POD" meaning, "portable on demand" refers to any audio content that can be either played from a website, or downloaded to a portable digital music player , like an ipod.

Today podcasts are all over the internet, with many, many topics or themes. This webquest is designed to give those unfamiliar with podcasts and their personal and professional uses a chance to become familiar with how they can be used in the classrom and for your own  personal listening.

Please investigate each category and begin to think about how you might use these radio broadcasts both personally and professionally. Once you’ve finished looking around, Click the "Comments" section of this site and post your ideas of how podcasts might fit into your curriculum.