Chatting and Podcasting: Getting Language Students to TALK!
How can you (the students) feel truly interested, motivated, and successful to converse in just the classroom?

The objective of this project is to give language teachers ideas for how they can interate the use of technology in the classroom to greatly increase the amount of speaking that individual students engage in during instruction. 

Most importantly, students will speak while greatly enhancing their skills as digital natives in the 21st Century.  Students will be able to:

  • Chat online with one another in the computer labs about any given topic, and be monitored by the teacher as well.

  • Leave voice mail messages online for classmates and the teacher in the target language.

  • Engage in and record simulated conversations, similar to those now given on the College Board’s Advanced Placement exams.

  • Search for, listen to, analyze and reflect on authentic podcasts in the target language.

  • Write and record their own podcasts about various topics and themes.

  • Use wikispaces to navigate through class assignments, instructions, and podcasts.