Celebrate Tangrams!
How many tangram puzzles can you solve?
It Starts with a Book
The Book to Read Aloud

Grandfather Tang’s Story
     A Tale Told in Tangrams            written by Ann Tompert

     Ann Tompert became interested in Tangrams and began making up her own tangrams and stories about them.
     This story is based on ancient Chinese folklore characters called fox fairies who are empowered with the powers of transformation.
The fox fairies try to outdo each other--the first one becomes a rabbit, the other a dog who chases him, and so on--but when the two chase each other right into danger, they finally have to set their competition aside and pull together.

     As the story is told, each animal transformation is represented by tangram puzzles that can be solved with a set of tans that can be created by tracing the shapes at the back of the book.

We read the story of Grandfather Tang and made tangram animals in our Media Center Lab and went online to solve tangram puzzles.